The spirit of Broual

The spirit of Edmee always blows on Broual. Edmee Larnaudie , painter winning the Grand Prix de Rome in painting in 1937, was the last resident of this place. And beautiful energies still permeate the area as waves of love and kindness of its occupants and guests. Perhaps for this reason, respect for others, the "take care" of things and the "living" are pervasively present values Broual our guests mostly feel. Both, we fit in this approach that makes sense in our life and guides our relationship to another. It is not by accident that we frequently receive artists, whether painters, musicians, writers, actors, Europe or elsewhere. If you come to us and that you want, we will have some famous stories to tell.
Here, we realize that we are not alone, that the fauna, flora, occupy these places ... they want to share with us.Here, we realize that we are all connected, that we are a part of the whole as much as all part of us ...